1 maj 2010

Scenic Sunday - 94

This is where I spent my morning :) It was cold and grey, but I just love taking riding lessons, so it didn't matter that the weather was awful. Go to Scenic Sunday for more photos.

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Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 sa...

poor horses, they are still very cold and the blanket is needed.

Christina, Sweden sa...

Vackra hästar och videkattens blommor gör sig verkligen i närbild. Färjan med hästarna utgick från Studsviks brygga för att åka till Ringsö där man bedriver ridning med
Tack för din kommentar!


Verna Luga sa...

A so that's for the cold ... nice warmer..

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Eden sa...

beautiful set of photos and beautiful horses. my daughter loves horses and I showed her your photos.

Al sa...

Beautiful horses. There are a lot of horses near where I live, although I've never ridden one.

Joyful sa...

I love the top two photos of the horse. Good for you to learn riding. I have been on top of horses before but i tell you it is not natural for me to jump up on a horse. I have a very hard time, hence no real riding ability. They are beautiful creatures.