30 augusti 2010

Notice the reflections of the head

I count to three reflections of the head, one of them upside down.

27 augusti 2010

26 augusti 2010

Just a little more nectar

Waiting for someone to take a ride

My heart just broke when I saw this rather skinny horse standing there all by himself in the middle of crazy traffic. I hope he's not as unhappy as he looks.

22 augusti 2010

Fototriss - R

R som i regndroppar som faller

R som i rovdjur

R som i Rockefeller Center

Se fler bidrag hos Fototriss

21 augusti 2010

Big city camera critters

Meet Lonny a big city squirrel with an attitude.

Meet Elroy a more easy going and laid back squirrel

Camera Critters Meme

18 augusti 2010

8 augusti 2010

See you when I get back

16 years ago I visited New York and now the time has come again. These photos were taken way back then and I will return with more and hopefully better ones.

Evening by the sea

7 augusti 2010

Camera-Critters #122

Just captured these two critters an hour ago. See more critters at Camera Critters

Scenic Sunday 108

Long after midsummer is over the midsummer pole is still standing

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